Laser Doppler Extensometer

The Laser Doppler Extensometer is typically used at high speed tensile tests with deformation speed up to 50 m/s. Based on the high resolution in strain and time of our system, even the elastic range can be analysed with a reasonable amount of data points (5000 points with an aluminum alloy at 10 m/s). The strain is measured directly at the sample. Because of the contact free and therefore non intrusive measuring principle, the samples are not influenced by the measuring equipment. Furthermore the Laser Doppler Extensometer is not endangered during the experiment and at rupture of the sample.

Technical Data:
Measurement Length on Sample any
Working Distance: 200 mm
Accuracy: 1%
Sample Rate: up tp 50 MHz
Deformation Speed: 0.01 .. 1 of vmax; vmax = 1 .. 50 m/s

Several parameters are default settings for a typical setup of a Laser Doppler Extensometer. Most of them can be chosen for the device to be delivered.