Stereo Angular Scanner
Sketch of Type P-50 Winkelscanner

The SWS-300 is a deformation meter for all materials. Its high accuracy allows non-contact strain control from elasticity range till breaking elongation.

The surface of the specimen is scanned by a laserbeam. A set of stripes applied to the surface reflects the laser light. The receiver evaluates the reflected light and changes the signals into digital impulses. The positions of stripes and the measured lenght are determined from the time process of the signals. A novel deflection system allows the SWS-300 to measure changes in distance between specimen and scanner.

Principle of Stereo Angular Scanner


  • highest precision up to a big measuring area of 300mm
  • accuracy class 1 (referring to DIN EN ISO 9513)
  • non-contact measurement with measuring marks
  • no influence of specimen by extensometer
  • easy integration in testing machine software
  • measurement of pressure tests and bending tests
  • measurement from smallest to big strains
  • determination of E-module without additional receiver or rebuilding
  • measurement of changes in distance between specimen and SWS-300

Optional extensions

  • the whole experimental run is traceable on screen
  • strain-regulated experiments are possible
  • local dissolving at mesurement of breaking elongation at welds and assembling components
  • force recording with evaluation software for calculation of characteristic values
  • applicable to climatic chambers
Technical Data SWS-300
measuring range 300 mm
accuracy class (DIN EN ISO 9513) 1
resolution 1 μm
lowest measuring lenght 2 mm
working distance (scanner<>speciem) 250 mm
scanning rate 100 Hz
number of stripes 2 / optional locally resolved
Laser safety class 2 M (no additional protective arrangements nessesary)
dimensions/weight 310 mm x 240 mm x 250 mm / 8 kg