Laserextensometer - Advantages

Our laser extensometers have a variety of advantages over alternative methods and products:

inoncon.gif Optical Direct Strain Measurement Non intrusive operation from elasticity till break; high resolution of 2 ppm or 6 ppm
idistr.gif Strain distribution in fine detail With locally resolved strain measurement heterogeneous material behavior can be described easily
inodrift.gif No drift in long time investigation Continuous monitoring of operational extensometer parameters allows drift free measurements over long periods, e.g. with creep tests at ceramics
ipoiss.gif Poissons´s ratio in one single experiment Measuring longitudinal and lateral strain simultaneously at the same experiment with the high accuracy of our laser extensometers is the prerequisite for determining Poissons´s ratio
icmdsig.gif Set value for control of the test apparatus Strain controlled experiments on base of standard strain signal, maximum local strain, minimum local strain are easily possible
ireflen.gif Reference length is self memorized The laser extensometer determines all reference lengths at the beginning of the experiment
iarea.gif Determination of damaged Specimen areas for lacal failure analysis The locally resolved strain measurement directly "points" to the area of failure
itemp.gif Applicable at climatic chambers and furnaces Adaptations make the laser extensometers also suitable at climatic chambers, resistance furnaces, inductive furnaces or pressure chambers
isix.gif Up to six scanning beams for more detailed strain distributions Extensions of the base models of laser extensometers allow wide variety of strain analysis
icompat.gif Compatibility with major brands of tensile testors Integrations in tensile testing equipment of well known manufacturers are readily available